Radmiete im Sportclub La Santa, Lanzarote

Der Sportclub La Santa auf Lanzarote bietet neben vielen Tourenmöglichkeiten auch die Miete von Rennrad und Mountainbikes an.

MTB, Rennrad

Club La Santa Enjoy the worlds best active holidays and sports resort with sport, exercise, wellness, health and social activities in the new Club La Santa.

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  • 🇪🇸️ Hoy, Día Mundial del Niño, vamos deAzul y nos sumamos a UNICEF España España para seguir mejorando la vida de miles de niño...
    (20.11.2018 09:38)
  • Keep calm - it's weekend ☀️
    (16.11.2018 18:30)
  • Club La Santa Lanzarote offers various of organised activities for children and youngsters from 10-15 years old. The activities are adventur...
    (15.11.2018 16:00)
  • Emilie & Anna are here to help you if you want to borrow a racket or book a Personal Instruction
    (14.11.2018 14:49)
  • Thanks to everyone who took part in our latest beach clean up in La Santa! Remember, every time you go to the beach "Don't beach it, bin i...
    (13.11.2018 18:30)



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